Here you can find out where our community is engaged socially and in which building activities we are currently involved.

Diaconal commitment

Charitable outreach spreads not first and foremost to the top, but to the sides and the fringes and in a qualified way also downward. It is exactly here where we can find perspectives for specific charitable, pastoral community work.“ (G.K. Schäfer)

The beginnings of the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Florence are closely connected to social, charitable, diaconal commitment. The community’s women have founded in the 1900s the „Marienheim“ in Via dei Serragli, 148, where young women in search for work could live and find a home. Later it was used as a hospiz. Up until today a certain number of apartments is rented out according to social considerations. Part of the earnings are used to support a project in a women’s house, which is overseen by the Diaconia Fiorentina. At the moment we are developing a diaconal concept for one of the buildings in the „Marienheim“, which, as we hope will bear fruit in a small housing project for elderly and physically challenged people.

Our community has a strong and expansive network of mutual assistance. Regarding social questions we always collaborate with the diaconal appointee of the ELCI and the Diaconia Fiorentina. Whenever we cannot help, the least we try is to connect the people in need with other professional entities and departments.

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Dreams and spaces

“If you want to build a ship, don’t call for men to gather wood, assign tasks und divide work, but teach the men the yearning for the wide and infinite sea.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We want to be an open and welcoming community and we are lucky to be situated so centrally in Florence, where every day thousands pass by our church or rest for a moment in the „Giardino Martin Lutero“. 

Therefore, we dream to modify our buildings slowly but steadily in such a way, that people and passers by will notice us more and find a welcoming atmosphere in our rooms: we want to modify the church to be barrier free and usable also during the winter months. The former sexton’s home could house parish rooms and the church office. In this way we would be conveniently accessible from the “Giardino Martin Lutero

We also want to transform the kitchen and big hall, so that we can open our doors for people in need during lunch time. These are all dreams which not only need money for their realization, but even more importantly people, who are willing to commit to these projects. We will happlily share our ideas and plans with you and are grateful for any kind of support.

Ecumenical christianity and intrareligious dialogue

We are living our Evangelical-Lutheran belief in fraternal contact with other Christian churches. The Swiss reformed congregation is holding their church service twice a month in our church. Traditionally on the first Friday in March we host the global prayer day, which is organised by Christians from all denominations. 

An ecumenical highlight is the yearly “week of prayer for Christian unity” in January. The Evangelical-Lutheran church in Florence takes part in the „council of pastors“, through which several protestant churches collaborate together. 

Furthermore we believe that conversations about religion and weltanschauungen are essential. Therefore we partake and commit to the trialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims in Florence.

Counseling and pastoral care

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone. To consider one’s own life together with someone else in God’s presence. Receiving solace and comfort, orientation and forgiveness. To pray together and search for a feasible path. We, as pastors, are obliged to professional secrecy and therefore safeguard what has been entrusted to us. 

Please don’t hesitate to approach us if you need a conversation partner at any moment in your life. You can approach us in person but also contact us via phone or email. We will gladly make an appointment with you.

Open church

Welcome! Shed the hustle and bustle.Let the church space affect you. Feel the silence. Come to rest. Unwind. Perhaps with a prayer. Not always, but always again our church is open and invites you to take a break. You can learn about it’s history. You can pick up a song book and read. Someone will be there for a conversation. Or you can just sit on one of our church benches, rest and riinvigorate yourself. Your are cordially invited to step in!


What are the experiences of a protestant congregation in Italy, which has German roots? How are the Lutherans living ecumenical Christianity with other churches? And why don’t we protestants have immages of saints in our churches, but a women on our pulpit? 

Such and similar questions have we been asked by our visitors. We are delighted by every visitor, but also interested groups and will gladly talk about our church and Martin Luther.


You are looking for the Buddenbrooks of Thomas Mann? Or are you looking for a mystery novel as bedside reading? Are you interested in an educational guidebook.  Or do you want to read some fairy tales to your grandchildren? Our library offers a large variety of German and Italian books. Our library team is happy to offer any suggestions. You can borrow whatever suits your interest. 

Furthermore we have a shelf for swapping books. There you can leave those books of yours which you no longer want in your own library and take home something new.

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