To the future bride and groom,

We are delighted that you want to get married in our Lutheran church, near many of the world’s famous monuments in Florence, or in one of the many beautiful churches in the area.

Though, before this most important day of your life, there are a few bureaucratic things to be done:

In preparation of your wedding ceremony you need to obtain a Dimissoriale, which you can ask for from your local Protestant parish. Furthermore, it is also necessary that you present us with the certificate of your civil marriage. Without this document the wedding cannot be celebrated in Italy.

We ask you to meet with our pastor in Florence a few months before the actual wedding date. If you wish for an ecumenical wedding , you should arrange a meeting with the ministers of both denominations.

If you want to get married in another church in the surrounding area, you need a permit for the use of the church selected by the local Catholic priest. Therefore, please contact the appropriate Catholic Parish in advance.

Our organist will be happy to assist you in choosing the music. There is also the opportunity to accompany the organ music with other instruments. Furthermore, our sacristan will gladly advise you on the flowers.

Here is some more information about our community:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Florence is an autonomous community within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (ELCI). It gets no financial aid from Germany.
For services to our guests from Italy and abroad who are not enrolled members of our community, we ask for a contribution of at least € 700,00, which should be wire transferred to the church’s bank account at least two weeks before the wedding. We will provide you with a donation receipt for your local income tax authorities. In addition to this, there may also be some extra charges for the organist, the musicians, the flowers, etc., which should also be paid 10 days before the wedding.

Our pastor looks forward to planning your wedding together with you.